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Off to work now. Its gonna be a super lonnng day and to top it off- its raining. -sighs- What a way to start of my long weekend. Cold outside and I am not EVEN in my bed! Oh well! No use dwelling on it! >.<! Wish me lucck!

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devoted shipping is super sweet, but if u cannot tell ur ooc-ness and things that are canon apart then pls rub ur eyes and clear ur vision. yes sebastian and ciel have a special bond. yes they both care about each other. but sebastian never said he loved ciel & never will. accept it. ciel will probably end up with elizabeth, if he makes it this far, that is. accept it. sebaciel won’t become canon. accept it. accept it. accept it.

This is not okay with me

wake up and face reality

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)
6 hours ago + 981 REBLOG Yupthisespecially old people in TrinidadSpoke to one old man yesterday and manhe was a second away from driving me insane with his choices and even though he is like olllddhe is STILL making the same stupid mistakes as beforeAND to top it offhe refused to listen to anyoneit....irritating and ohh soo stupid
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